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A short list of applications that I’ve found useful in 2020.

Tools & Services for a virtual conference

Speculative Design & Climate Change

At the emergence of a global pandemic.

A short list of applications that I’ve found useful in 2019.


Where traditional design attempts to solve problems, speculative design attempts to open our minds to new ways of thinking and being.

Augmented Reality Exhibit at Columbus State Community College Library

Mobile Application Developed for ILEADUSA-OHIO 2013

Recent Publications

Contextualizing EZproxy is a presentation to the OhioLINK membership, primarily Ohio’s academic libraries. The presentation focuses on the challenge of troubleshooting EZproxy issues, as we need to consider the wide range of potential failures that are possible at each stage in the remote access workflow.

Beam Me Up, Scotty! is a presentation for the Ohio Library Council event, RightClick 2017, at the State Library of Ohio. RightClick 2017 is an annual one-day conference for sharing IT ideas, solutions, and best practices by and for library IT staff and administrators.

The purpose of this paper is to share the authors’ collective experiences of ILEAD, explore the mobile app (Know the Lingo) development process and inspire further use of the open access code.