Hello OPLIN! 🎉

A fresh set of challenges and new opportunities to serve Ohio's public libraries

Contactless Library Services & TEDDY Award

A few photos from the 2022 ALAO Conference at the Nationwide Conference Center

Speculative Library Futures

A yearlong exploration of speculative design and libraries by TEDSIG

2020... the year of the great learning

Tools & Services for a virtual conference

Design After the End of the World

Speculative Design & Climate Change

Speculative Design & Libraries

Where traditional design attempts to solve problems, speculative design attempts to open our minds to new ways of thinking and being.

Ohio Digital Network Launches

State Library of Ohio announces the launch of the Ohio Digital Network

Augmented Reality at Columbus State Library [Photo Essay]

Augmented Reality Exhibit at Columbus State Community College Library


Mobile Application Developed for ILEADUSA-OHIO 2013